Pro-God Revolution: Living a Pro-God Life

“Pro” simply means “to affirm, to be for, to favor.”  A “Pro-God Life” is one lived affirming the great principles of His abundant life.  It is the life we are designed, created, and wired for.  It means reaching our highest potential as individuals, as families, as communities and as a nation.  Anything less than a “Pro-God Life” means you are cheating yourself and others.  This series will reveal God’s intimacy with us and His power to live through us.

Part 52: Wisdom to Finish the Year

Part 51: The Living Treasure

Part 50: The Favor of Wisdom (Part 3)

Part 49: The Favor of Wisdom (Part 2)

Part 48: The Favor of Wisdom (Part 1)

Part 47: The Treasure of Wisdom (Part 3)

Part 46: The Treasure of Wisdom (Part 2)

Part 45: The Treasure of Wisdom

Part 44: The Treasure of Knowing

You are a treasure! Buried within your inner being is wealth beyond your wildest imagination. And the good news …

Part 43: The Power of Knowing

Part 42: Beyond Belief

Part 41: Knowing God Intimately

Part 40: Friends

Part 39: Seeing with the Heart (Part 2)

Part 38: Seeing with the Heart (Part 1)

Part 26: Life that is Bigger Than Life (part 3)

Part 25: A Pro-God Man

Part 24: Life That Is Bigger than Life (Part 2)

Part 23: Life That Is Bigger Than Life (Part 1)

Part 22: His Presence Brings Peace

Part 21: The Fruit Of His Presence

Part 20: Living In His Presence

Part 19: A Pro-God Woman

Part 18: A Worship Lifestyle

Part 17: Becoming Whole

Part 15: Worship Determines Your Worth

Part 14: The Worth Of You (Part 4)

Part 13: The Worth Of You (Part 3)

Part 12: The Worth Of You (Part 2)

Part 11: The Worth Of You (Part 1)

Part 10: His Wealth In Us

Part 9: Created To Inherit Life

Part 8: God's Inheritance

Part 7: Our Relationship To God

Part 6: His Treasure In Us

Part 5: A Life Poured Out

Part 4: A New Thing

Part 3: Rich Toward God (Part 2)

Part 2: Rich Towards God (Part 1)

Part 1: A Pro-God Life

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