Our Structure

Our leaders are extraordinary in their personal devotion to God. They are a living illustration of the verse, “to love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (Matthew 22:37 NIV)

Pastoral Staff & Administrative Team
Led by the Senior Pastor, this team oversees the day to day ministry and operations of theChurch. They serve the congregation and are responsible for the development of the spiritual life of theChurch.
Tony & ShirleyAnn Scott, Senior Pastor
Craig & Michelle Howard, Fremont Campus Pastor
Ed Marroquin, III, Creative and Media Director
Adam Marroquin, Leadership Development
Danny Kovacs, Student Life/Worship Leader
Melony Bradley, Executive Administrator
Peggy Otieno, Administration/Finance

The Elders covenant with the Senior Pastor for the development of the spiritual life of theChurch. These men, and their spouses, support theChurch staff as the primary protectors and encouragers of a positive spiritual climate within theChurch body. Responsible to model a Godly lifestyle, provide a prayer shield to the members, defend and protect the integrity of the church, pray for the sick, counsel, and represent theChurch to the community.
J.B. & Roxanne Burton
Ron & Denise Dean
Cedric & Brenda Franklin
Jon & Lisa Harris
Ed & Becky Marroquin
Mark & Nancy Neumann
Clif & Debbie Porter
Alan & Marilyn Stevenson
Alan & Sue Szabo
Henk & Carmen Wigmans

Finance/Human Resources

Appointed by the Senior Pastor to oversee the finances and provide counsel to the Senior Pastor regarding the major financial commitments of theChurch.
J.B. & Roxanne Burton
Alan & Marilyn Stevenson

Spiritual Formation/Prayer
Violet Burdo

Community Care/Outreach/Missions

Jon Harris
Paul & Barb Brotzki
Lisa Harris
Ruben Gonzales
William & Felicia Dunston
Debbie Porter
Melony Bradley
Vince Wiggins
Candace Wallington

SIA (Spiritual Intelligence Agency) Children’s Committee:
Ashlee Smith
Chris Giwa
Lamar & TiAnna Anderson
Melissa Wurch
Melanie Criss
Gay Borton
Matt & Michelle Stewart

Service Times

  • Campus Info

    Maumee: 419-866-2094
    Saturday 6pm
    Sunday 9am & 11am
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    Fremont: 419-332-8273
    Saturday 6pm
    Sunday 9am & 11am
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