theChurch Internship is designed to help you take the next step in your life as a leader, as a creative, and as a disciple of Christ. If you are unsure what path to take and you are looking for training and experience to help push you forward then this is the path for you.

These classes focus on covenant leadership that will prepare you for every facet of life whether you serve in ministry in the local church, in local/global missions, or desire to become a pastor, teacher, or leader in your community. In this class you will experience life transformation that will enhance and sharpen your skills and abilities with the following opportunities.

  • The opportunity to experience hearing subjects taught by the Senior Pastor. Studying and discussing together topics such as – Discipline, Identity, Leadership, Purpose, and Covenant.
  • The opportunity to be trained, mentored, and stretched to become an empowered and effective leader both in your personal life and in theChurch.
  • The opportunity for hands-on practical experience in areas of ministry.
  • The opportunity to think creatively as a problem-solver in areas of ministry where you are serving.
  • The opportunity to learn to work with and manage your time, and resources in an efficient manner.
  • The opportunity to strengthen your walk with God through spiritual development so that you can become a knowledgeable, devoted, and passionate disciple of Christ.
  • The opportunity to explore “Covenant Life.” When you live in covenant with God and with others you experience and enjoy your fullest potential and live your God-ordained purpose.

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Fremont Campus

Northwood Campus

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